May 13, 2018, 11:25 a.m. by mati

In light of the new GDPR we have taken the time to update our privacy policy. There are no really significant changes, but this is a complete list of every change:

  • We have added a set of "General principles". These are nothing fancy and we have always been following them, but we feel that they really make everything much more understandable to a novice.
  • We have restructured the policy to  distinguish between connection information (such as IP addresses etc.), account information (data directly related to your account) and Jabber/XMPP related information (anything that's typically happening via the Jabber/XMPP protocol).
  • Some redundant paragraphs in "What happens to your data?" has been removed.

The following information has been added/clarified (the points in the policy are quoted verbatim, comments are greyed out):

  • "This homepage does keep track of your activities to enable you to review any suspicious behavior. You can view all data under Recent activity and it is removed after 31 days."

    This really is all plainly visible directly in your account area and is nothing new. It was a much-requested security feature and is standard in many services (e.g. Facebook offers a similar feature).

  • "Your activities on this homepage are stored in a short-term cache to enable us to detect automated behavior that might impact the stability of this service. Depending on the data, this data disappears automatically after anywhere from an hour to a week."

    This really is about standard SPAM fighting practices. Try to register 100 accounts from the same IP address, and you'll obviously get blocked for a while.

  • Your email address to enable you to reset your password in case you ever loose it.

    You have to give this during registration. So it's obviously not news to anyone?