This server uses ejabberd (currently version 16.08). There is a list of supported XEP ("XMPP Extension Protocols") at the ejabberd-community homepage. You can create an account right here. We do not have "In Band Registration" enabled, so you cannot use your client to register. Of course we have server-to-server communication enabled, this means you can chat with Jabber users on any other Jabber service such as or


In addition to the IRC-Transport that ships with ejabberd, we also provide a Transport for ICQ. Of course, we provide detailed usage statistics for them. You need a "good" client (recommended clients) to register with the transports, but you can use them with every client in day-to-day use.

Web-based chat

With support for HTTP-binding our server can be used by web-based clients such as Converse.js, Jappix or JWChat. Even some normal desktop clients like Gajim support HTTP-Binding in case it is started behind a firewall. Please see Connectivity through firewalls for more information.


We also offer an optional webpresence service, allowing others to view your status from the web. We provide detailed help for your convenience.

Any feature requests?

If you have any feature requests or questions, feel free to contact us!