This is the Jabber-server of the Fachschaft Informatik, the students union for computer science students at the Technical University of Vienna (ÖH). It is managed by Mathias Ertl and David Kaufmann. The jabber-service is available under the same domain as this blog: Also note our list of additional features that distinguish this server from a standard Jabber server installation.

Soft- & Hardware

If you are interested in the soft- and hardware used for this server:

  • We use ejabberd running on Debian Stable. We use our own apt-repository for managing our jabber software.
  • The server is a virtual machine with 2x 2,8 Ghz, 2MB cache and 16 GB of RAM.

About this homepage

This page was created using Drupal. We use tons of custom modules (especially Mollom and Internationalization)