Feb. 25, 2015, 8:33 p.m. by mati

We will make a few updates to jabber.at (and jabber.zone/jabber.wien/xmpp.zone). Each change will be separately announced, but we are announcing them here in advance so you have a chance to comment (either below, via Twitter or on Facebook):

  1. We will soon require users to register via account.jabber.at and disable In-Band Registration (meaning registration from within the client). This is an attempt to stop Spam-Registration and decrease the work-load for us (see below).
    Update 2015-03-10: In-Band Registration is now deactivated.
  2. Resetting passwords will also only be possible to via account.jabber.at. This means that existing users will have to give an E-Mail address if they want to be able to reset their password. The work-load has become increasingly high due to users manually requesting new passwords.
    Update 2015-05-26: The old password reset procedure will no longer be possible starting from June 30.
  3. We will update to ejabberd 15.02 as soon as possible.
    Update 2015-03-10: We updated to ejabberd 15.02.
  4. We will add experimental support for XEP-0313: Message Archive Management, using a new ejabberd Modul. This enables Clients to store their history on the server, if they wish.
    Update 2015-05-26: mod_mam was enabled with our upgrade to 15.04.
  5. We will remove more ciphers known to be weak or not providing forward secrecy. This will definitely be a problem for some older servers and client connecting to us. We will announce the changes in advance and will consider reverting if there are to many problems.