May 25, 2015, 5:40 p.m. by mati

For a while now, users can only register directly on our homepage. Since the registration process requires an email address, the site can also be used to reset your password if you loose it. If you registered on our homepage, nothing changes for you.

For older user accounts that registered from within their clients ("In-Band Registration") we have no email address on record. These users can currently have their password reset by sending us 3+ contacts in their roster and we will send them a new password. This is highly insecure and an invitation to account hijacking, so we will stop doing so on June 30, 2015. Users that registered via their own client are required to give an email address if they still want to be able to reset their password in case they will ever loose it.

Note: We are absolutely fine with you not giving us an email address, if you wish. Just don't expect any help if you ever loose your password.