Profanity is a console based XMPP client inspired by the popular IRC client Irssi. It supports Multi-User chats and exchanging files (which is unique for a console-based client). Support for Message Carbons make it well suited for parallel use with other clients. It supports end-to-end encryption via GPG and OTR.

Profanity accounts are configured in the normal console. To configure Profanity to automatically connect to your account, simply start Profanity and do:

/account add default
/account set default jid
/account set default password  ...
/autoconnect set default

# only during initial startup or if you don't set autoconnect:
/connect default

# DO NOT USE THESE COMMANDS: Profanity is able to figure out server and port by itself.
# /account set server ...
# /account set port ...

For more information on how to use Profanity, please see their User Guide.

Debian/Ubuntu APT repositories

If you use Debian/Ubuntu, we maintain an APT repository with the newest version of profanity.