Dec. 2, 2011, 5:50 p.m. by mati

Thanks to recent events, we are forced to enable aggressive new anti-SPAM measures. The following measures will become active on Sunday evening:
  • In-Band registration (that is, registration via your client) already requires a CAPTCHA. If your client does not support this, you will be presented with an URL where you can view the CAPTCHA once. If this does not work for you, our web-registration is still available.
  • Multi-user chats ("chatrooms") can only be created by users. Users with accounts on other servers can still join existing rooms.
  • The number of messages in multi-user chats will be limited to one message per second.
  • The number of status updates will be limited to one update every three seconds.
  • If you use our log service for multi-user chats, any links will no longer be indexed by search-engines..
  • Registration from the same IP address is only possible once per hour.
Please note that we already watch new registrations very closely. Any registration that appears to be automated is immediately deleted and the IP-Address is blocked. We are very rigorous with those blocks, currently several /16 IPv4 blocks (each more than 65000 addresses) are blocked.