Sept. 4, 2015, 6 p.m. by mati

Update: As of today, we only support Forward Secrecy ciphers (see the test results). Our downtime wasn't just a small restart, we also upgraded ejabberd to the newest version. This unfortunately caused a downtime of ~30 minutes due to several issues with the new version. Starting October 1st, we will only allow encryption offering Forward Secrecy. We already tried this spontaneously in July but were forced to revert the change because some users with very old clients were no longer able to connect. So this time you have a month heads up warning. You should not have any problems with the change unless you (a) use a very old client so keep your client up to date or (b) you have some users in your roster on old unmaintained servers. The latter case should only affect small and unmaintained servers, users of those servers should consider switching to a new server.