Customize JS/CSS

Build custom libraries

We use fabric-webbuilders to build customized versions of jQuery and Bootstrap.


Build a custom version of jQuery (latest 2.x version):

fab build_jquery

or e.g a different version with different modules (see Modules, we assume that you know what you are doing here):

fab build_jquery:version=2.1.3,excludes=-effects


Build a custom version of Bootstrap (latest 3.x version):

fab build_bootstrap

Bootstrap has no built-in support for building a customized version locally. fabric-webbuilders has somewhat shakey support for passing a config.json file as generated at Customize and download. By default, fab build_bootstrap already passes a file to minimize JS/CSS size, but you can pass a different config as well:

fab build_bootstrap:config=/path/to/config.json

If you run into problems with this, you are advised to use the custom builder on their homepage instead.


We use Prism for syntax highlighting.


Add ability to build custom version

Build bootstrap-specific CSS

A small less-file using bootstrap variables is compiled using less:

fab compile_less

Build minified CSS

To build minified CSS, use:

fab minify_css